Friday, November 18, 2011

The death of the music CD

It looks like the death of the music CD is just around the corner. It's been coming for a while and 2012 may just be the year the CD finally dies. Now that the iFruit company is the largest music retailer in the country, they recently pushed Wally World into second place, it's inevitable that digital downloads are the only way people will get their music.

I remember when every mall had several huge music and video stores, not any more. That was before everyone had high speed internet in their homes and smartphones in their pockets. Now we all have instant access to whatever we want to watch or listen to, there's no need to go somewhere and buy a physical disc. Just as apps have replaced physical software for most users, digital music will be the only way people listen to music in the future.

I still have boxes of old LPs and LaserDiscs somewhere in the garage. I guess I'll have to make some room for all of my CDs also.

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