Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chrome on Android

This week Google announced the Chrome browser will soon be available for Android 4.0. My only question is: what took you so long? Both Android OS and Chrome as a browser are rapidly becoming the major players in the market. The marriage of the two products will give Google a perfect tool set to continue to build their market share and unseat the iFruit company as the leader in portable products.

I have always felt that Android on Smartphones and Tablets was better than their competitors over-hyped iOS. Of course the chorus from the fan boys and girls will pooh-pooh the notion that iFruit products are second best, despite the obvious facts.

I’m typing this post on a Samsung Chromebook using a non-MSFT and non-iFruit OS and browser and saving my work in the Cloud. Google is doing an outstanding job of really innovating with their various products and I for one look forward to the future. A Google future.

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