Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I’m one of those people who hates to fly. People who know me feel that my hatred of being in passenger airplanes is perfectly rational. Why? Because I spent over 36 years as an Air Traffic Controller in the Marine Corps and the FAA and I know what can go wrong. Even worse, I actually know many of the controllers working at airports I fly in and out of. I will leave it at: if you knew what I know, you’d be scared too!

In January of this year I spent more time in airplanes than I have in many years and I’m happy to say, I LIVED! I actually flew 8 different flights during the month using multiple airlines and multiple airports.

Over the past ten years I’ve come to trust Southwest Airlines and seldom worry when I’m flying with them. Unfortunately, I also flew multiple legs on airlines that are slashing flights and personnel and have the worst record for losing baggage. Thank you God for me getting home safely!!

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