Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tablet computer sales in Q4-2011

The fourth quarter numbers are now in for sales of Tablet computers and there are some interesting changes. The iFruit company continues to lead in sales but their percentage of sales is dropping rapidly. Not surprisingly there is a new number two, the largest online etailer in the world, Amazon, surged past Samsung in the quarter.

Here are the numbers:

iFruit tablets: 15.4 million units for 57% of the market
Amazon Kindles: 3.89 million units for 14% of the market
Samsung Tablets: 2.14 million units for 8% of the market

Significantly, the iFruit companies share of the market for the year slipped from 87% down to 62%. Now that there is real competition you can expect the iFruit products to end up with sales comparable to their computer sales.

Interestingly, Amazon’s stock went down on the big sales news. Could it be the fact that Amazon loses about $20 on every Kindle Fire they sell? Who knows.

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