Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nimble version 2.0

If you’re anything like me you are a member of many social networks. And, like me, you have trouble keeping up with all of them! That’s where Nimble version 2.0 comes in. The basic concept is to merge all of your divergent social network accounts into one easily accessible one. Here are excerpt from the announcement we received:

Nimble, the award-winning Social Business Platform, today announced that it has launched Nimble 2.0, the most social CRM platform on the market today. Nimble was designed entirely with social engagement in mind and is the first social business platform that empowers companies to get closer to their customers through listening and engagement, helping them turn their social communities into customers for life.
Over the past year, Nimble has listened to the feedback of its community - many of whom are on the forefront of Social Business adoption - and incorporated it into Nimble 2.0 to make it easier, smarter and more flexible. New enhanced features such as social discovery, improved usability and marketing integration have all been added to the product.
“Traditional CRM systems fail at relationship management and that’s why people don’t use them for engagement,” said Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO and previous founder of GoldMine, a pioneering CRM product. “The era of customer engagement is now, and it starts with listening. You can’t just snap social onto legacy CRM platforms and expect it to be effective. Nimble was built from the ground up for active social listening and engagement. We’re putting the ‘R’ (relationship) back into CRM, and with Nimble 2.0, we are disrupting the old CRM ways of doing business.”
Nimble has recently surpassed 30,000 registered users at more than 2,800 companies -- a significant achievement for a start-up SaaS business application. The average Nimble user spends almost 3 hours a day managing business contacts. Nimble has seen phenomenal global growth in its VAR partner channel, having signed up more than 250 resellers worldwide, 50 of which are in Europe.
What’s New in Nimble 2.0?
Nimble 2.0 takes Social Business to the next level, adding social notifications and discovery and empowering socially aware companies to stay top-of-mind with customers. It also contains key new user enhancements and marketing features to boost outreach. Screenshots can be found here.
Social Discovery
Nimble extends its Social Business platform with key social engagement features, including support for Facebook business pages and Google+ support. These features are designed to enable companies to listen and engage their customers while tracking and capturing real-time data when fans interact on social streams. Nimble’s new unified social notifications consolidates all the likes, comments, friend invites and other social interactions from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Now users don’t have to go to five separate tabs to engage. These powerful new features combined with alerts on birthdays, promotions and job changes in a daily email notification keep Nimble users more connected than ever to their contacts.
At the heart of Nimble is the contact record - the embodiment of the relationship with the customer. Nimble contacts have an all new improved user interface which effortlessly pulls together all related messages, activities, and deals, and includes the contact’s live social stream. Nimble has also added custom fields and tabs to support the unique ways our customers relate to their contacts. In addition, Nimble has boosted usability throughout the application with improved navigation and better data importing tools.
Marketing Integration
Nimble now makes it easier to capture information and interact with customers through integration with HubSpot, a leading Social Marketing platform. The combination of Nimble and HubSpot allows closed-loop marketing. Now sales teams can contact the right lead at the right time with little or no effort and see significantly improved marketing ROI.
Pricing & Availability
Nimble is free for standalone personal users. Business and multi-users can sign up for Nimble at $15 per user per month. Nimble is available online at or via our network of solution partners worldwide.

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