Monday, February 13, 2012

Clean Out Your Computer Day

The second Monday in February has become Clean Out Your Computer Day. Our friends at are in the forefront of this effort and we want to post some information and links to support the effort.

Here’s some information from We highly recommend checking out the iolo site and please take a look at all of the Facts and Figures. There are some real eye openers on the page!!

Originally sponsored by Institute for Business Technology and in existence since at least 2000, Clean Out Your Computer Day falls on the second Monday in February (that’s Feb 13 – in 2012).

As increasing amounts of time are wasted in work places and at home because of slow computers and psychological research shows the negative impact of clutter – digital or otherwise – on our lives, this day was created as an opportunity for us to remember to clean up and delete old and unused files.  So, get into the spirit of the day, and clean out your computer!

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