Saturday, February 4, 2012

World Pentax Day

Today, Saturday February 4th, is World Pentax Day. Pentaxians all over the world are taking pictures in their time zone for the annual event. Here are the details:

World Pentax Day is a day during which PENTAX users from around the world (including members of all go out and shoot, and then upload their favorite photos to the World PENTAX Day gallery. Thus, a snapshot of the entire world is quickly painted through the "eyes" of PENTAX cameras. Ideally, we would like to see photos that represent the part of the world that you live in!

All photos for the event MUST be taken on February 4th (at any time) in your local time zone.
Event gallery:
Upload link:
Prior events:

This year, will be making something special: a book showing what the world looked liked through the lenses of Pentax cameras, from dawn to dusk n February 4th! Stay tuned to our homepage for further details during the first few days of January.

Please consider taking part in this event - it's open to everyone! Last June, there were over 2.5k submissions- can we beat that this year??

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