Monday, January 2, 2012

CES 2012 Prep

It’s less than a week until we all leave for Las Vegas and the biggest hi-tech show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show. All of our staff have their credentials, and airplane and hotel reservations made. It’s one of the highlights of the new year for us.

This year’s show promises to be memorable for a couple of reasons. This will be the first CES that we’ve ever attended that will not have a Lunch @ Piero’s press event. Lunch@ has always been a highlight of every Fall Comdex and CES for us. Pat Meier-Johnson has always had a wonderful selection of small companies and large ones for us to talk to and learn about their new products and services. The world’s economy has really affected budgets for many companies and they have had to cut back significantly. Lunch@ may have been one of the casualties of those cut backs.

We’ll be covering CES with most of our staff this year. It won’t be like the last years of Comdex when we had almost a dozen reporters covering every aspect of the show but we’ll do our very best to cover everything important.

We’d love to know what our readers want to know about? What technology are you interested in?

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