Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I have free software to give away!!

We recently received a great offer and want to pass it on. I have three free registration codes for the full product and will give them to the first three readers who email me at chuckhajdu@gmail.com!! Here's the software:

With so many New Year’s Resolutions focusing on taking better care of your body, home and budget, why not show some love to your PC by resolving to clean up your hard drive? National “Clean Your Computer Day” is coming up again on Monday, Feb. 13, so it’s as good a time as ever to start taking care of your PC.

Computers can feel sluggish after regular use, installed programs and decreasing memory. This often leads to longer, frustrating start, load and shut-down times. TuneUp is committed to making this an issue of the past.
TuneUp Utilities 2012 is easy-to-use PC maintenance software - revitalizing your computer to give it that “just like new” feel and performance that is often lost after regular use and program installation. I would love to offer you a download code so you can review the product and I can even offer codes to giveaway to readers if you’re interested.

Some cool features:
The new TuneUp Economy Mode allows users to improve the battery life of their notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs, as well as reduce desktop PC energy consumption—with a single click. With this, battery life is extended by up to 30% and heat levels are reduced – increasing PCs’ and their hardware components’ life spans.

The enhanced TuneUp Program Deactivator turns off programs that are not being used in order to conserve system resources and maximize PC performance. Users can ensure that all of the services, start-up entries, background processes and scheduled tasks of these disabled programs remain inactive until they are needed; the tool can then enable and disable on the fly.


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