Sunday, January 8, 2012

Off to CES 2012

It’s Sunday morning and it’s off to Las Vegas once again for CES. Most of our staff that will be covering CES is on the road today so we can cover the pre-show events as well as CES. It will be fun to see everyone again and catch up.

All of our schedules are over-full but that’s the fun of covering a mega-show like CES. My personal schedule covers every venue imaginable. I’ll be in the North, Central and South Halls of the LVCC, the former Sands Convention Center (Now the Venetian), The Hilton, The Encore, The Wynn and The MGM Grand for CES and the Riv for a show before the show!! Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it!

CES doesn’t start officially until Tuesday but we have a lot going on before then. Sunday and Monday we’ll be covering the Storage Visions event at the Riv as well as several night time events.

We’ll try to publish blogs updates regularly so our followers will know what’s happening. This will be far different that our past coverage. Our readers had to wait for our ePub to be published before they would know what was happening. No more!! Follow this blog every day to stay in the know!

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