Monday, January 9, 2012

Start-Up Debut- Part 1

By Chuck Hajdu

The Start-Up Debut evening event at CES was held on Sunday night, two days before CES actually started. Several of our staffers attended and we expect to have a couple of pieces written on the things that interested them the most. Here are a couple of products that we saw from the same company.

WOWee  had several products on display. My personal favorite was the WOWee ONE Pro bluetooth wireless portable speaker. Magnus Hammick was kind enough to show me how well the speaker worked and it was very impressive.

The thing that makes the speaker so powerful is it’s ability to use any surface as a woofer. Naturally a device this small can’t have it’s own built in woofer so WOWee uses virtually and surface to serve as a speaker.

The table that Magnus used became a powerful woofer and really made a huge difference in the quality of sound we heard. It is very impressive technology.

By Bayle Emlein

Wowee!!! The name of the company is WOWee One. But IMHO it's WOWee Two.

The technology that makes your iPhone audible has been waiting to happen. Not so you can hear your calls, but so that you can share entertaining messages and your music. You don't still use your phone for old-fashioned activities like voice calls, do you?

The WOWee ONE Vue that I'm in lust with is the projector that shines your screen onto a wall or the ceiling or any other surface, making the image big enough for everyone to see at once. Why on earth would one want to do that? Just ask my co-worker who stops all progress to hand over her phone so that the new arrival can adjust the viewing angle in the lighting.

New parents tired of putting your expensive fragile device filled with personal info into the hands of casual acquaintances just so you can get an 'Oooh!' How much beter to get a crowd 'Ah' by plugging in a device no bigger than the phone itself.

No more lugging and configuring. If you've got room in a pocket for a phone, you've got room for a Wowee projector. The only downside I see so far is that it won't be on the market until February and I need it for a presentation next week.

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