Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Today starts a new calender year and we’re looking forward to it. The year 2011 was a real challenge and we have high hopes for 2012. This may be the year where we can reverse the horrible slide we have been on for the past few years. The economy, world-wide, has been on a terrible down turn and we need to take drastic steps to get back on the right path.

We have been evaluating consumer electronics products for almost two decades and 2011 was the worst full year we have ever encountered. Normally we have a surplus of review products on hand but not this year. By Q4 we had several of our most experienced reviewers run out of products to review. This has NEVER happened before in our history. Is it a sign of the future or an aberration? We are really hoping for the latter.

We are normally a very optimistic group of people but the consistent downward spiral looks like it will continue. There is little enthusiasm from our staff for CES 2012 and that worries me. What if the whole economy is on a never ending plunge to the bottom?

Let us pray for a happy and healthy New Year.

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