Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA protest

We're running this announcement today in case Google decides to join the SOPA protest and takes this blog off line as part of the protest!!

If you haven't heard as yet, there is an organized protest underway to try to stop the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Wikipedia and about 7,000 other web sites,will be shutting down it's English language version as a way of calling attention to the evils of SOPA. SOPA is legislation that tries to control the internet in the interest of putting money in the pockets of Big Media. The recording industry, the movie industry and the people who make their billions from products like that want more control over how people access media on the internet. It's purely and simply a big money gram by Hollywood types and it stinks.

One of the biggest problems, of course, is that the people who want SOPA passed are BIG campaign contributors and legislators want their money. It's an evil circle and all you need to do is follow the money trail to see where it's going.

We believe in a strong, open internet in support of Freedom of Speech. Vote NO on SOPA congress!!

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