Monday, January 30, 2012

Here comes Android (again)!

The numbers are finally in for December sales and Android, once again, is showing just how strong they are. Tablet sales are showing the same growth pattern that smartphones did, Android is catching the iFruit company. Our regular readers know that Android smartphones, not iPhones, dominate their category and Tablets are headed down the same road.

In Q4 iFruit tablets dropped from 67% of the sales to 58%. Yes, that’s still a significant majority but it’s dropping, and rapidly! Android Tablet sales on the other hand grew from 29% to 39%. My prediction is that by this time next year Android will be the leader.

By the way, did you notice that the iFruit tablets dropped sales by11% and Android “only” picked up 10% of those sales? Why, you ask? Simple, here comes the juggernaut from Redmond! MSFT surged from 0% of the Tablet market to a massive 1.5%!! If you’re into math, that’s an infinite % growth rate. WOW!!

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