Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Continued Rise of Chrome

The numbers are in for browser use in December and Chrome continues it’s steady climb. Firefox has lost a bit of ground but the big loser is MSFT Internet Explorer.

Here are the numbers for December:
IE6- 7.3% (amazing!! MSFT has been trying to kill this version since 2009)
IE7- 4.8%
IE8- 27.3%
IE9- 11.5%
IE total- 51.9%, down 7.0% for the year
Chrome- 19.1%, up 0.9% for the month
Firefox- 21.8%, down 1.3% for the month

We expect this slide to continue and it won’t be very long before Chrome overtakes both Firefox and IE. MSFT is keeping it’s head buried in the sand and doesn’t seem to know how quickly their products are falling out of favor.

Personally, I use Chrome on some computers, Firefox on others and various other browsers on other devices. None of my internet use is with IE and I intend to keep it that way!

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