Friday, October 21, 2011

The Internet today

What would the world be like today if we didn't have the internet? I ask this because of my experiences lately. I turned 65 years old this week and now have a Lifetime hunting and fishing license with very few restrictions. It's one of the few real perks of living this long!!

One of the questions I've had was how do I get temp tags for my license? Of course the answer is simple: you go online and download the tags. What else would you expect today?

My question NOW is: what do people without internet access do? Probably the same thing they have always done. They go to their local gun store and ask Bubba for a temp tag. My guess is that they can still do this but I'm not sure. Everything is totally computerized today and the old fashioned Bubba to Bubba option may not be available.

I bought my Lifetime license on Tuesday morning and was told I would get a permanent card in a few weeks. 48 hours later it arrived in the snail mail. Trust me, there was exactly zero human intervention. I'm sure everything was done by computers and the internet is the way everything is done today.

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