Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Joy Factory BubbleShield

We received two different sizes of the Joy Factory BubbleShield products to evaluate, one designed for iPads and other Tablets and one designed for iPhones and Smartphones. They also make sleeves sized for the 7” market of Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Nooks, etc. but we didn’t receive that size. In addition they make a BubbleShield Pro which is made of heavier material and is suitable for more hazardous environments.

Basically the BubbleShield sleeves are custom sized zip-lock bags. They are attractively designed and very functional. One side of the sleeve is clear and is intended for the screen side of the device. The back side has a decorative pattern on it with clear areas that coincide with where the cameras are on most phones. There is also a “placement ring” on the top so that you can hang the sleeve and device when you’re transporting it.

The sleeves are reusable and water-resistant. They provide protection against water, dirt, mud, grease fingerprints and other stuff like that. If you’re like me then you know how easy it is to gunk up the screen of your device. The BubbleShield sleeves help keep your screens safe and clean when you travel and we love that!

The BubbleShield sleeves are meant to be used when you’re carrying the device while you’re out and about. There is absolutely no way you can attach cables of any kind when you’re using the sleeves. That means you’ll have to take the device out of the sleeve to charge it. Considering what the BubbleShield is intended to do this isn’t a problem.

We tried the Tablet unit with several 10.1” Tablets with mixed results. Neither the Acer Iconia Tab or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch models fit, they were too long. The Motorola XOOM fit, but just barely. Naturally, smaller model with 7” screens like the ViewBook 730 and the NextBook Premium 7 fit with lots of room to spare. If you have a larger 10.1 inch Tablet you might want to check to see if your unit will fit. Remember, these products were designed for iFruit devices which, of course, is the vast majority of the market.

For Smartphones, the biggest unit we tested was the LG Revolution VS910 from Verizon. All of our other Smartphones were smaller so naturally we knew they would fit. The Revolution was a perfect fit and it felt like the sleeve was designed for it.

We were very impressed with how easily we were able to use both phones and the tablets that fit when they were inside the sleeves. We were able to use on/off buttons, volume controls and the touch screens with no major problems. They were very responsive and worked as well as they did without the BubbleShield.

The BubbleShields turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. They are an inexpensive way to help protect your valuable investment in a Smartphone or Tablet computer. They are recommended if your unit fits.

Price for a 5 pack of the Smartphone size or a 3 pack of the Tablet size is $19.95 and they should be available now online at www.thejoyfactory.com and at select retailers.

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