Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Windows on desktops

I read one of those in depth articles today that talked at length about how the percentage of desktops that use WinXp is dropping rapidly. Believe it or not, almost 51% of desktops are still using WinXp ten years after it was intriduced. Wow, the majority of desktops are still using WinXp instead of Win7, WinV, MacOS or Linux. Here's the chart:

But wait, think about it for a moment. Who uses desktops any more???

If they wanted to truly capture the percentage of OS use they should include notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones. I don't remember the last time I used a desktop and have no plan on ever touching one again. I think I represent the vast majority of computer users today in what I use and how I compute.

My primary laptop does use WinV and I admit it. But none of the tablets I use has WinAnything, my preferred netbook uses ChromeOS and all of my phones are Androids. The day of the desktop is long gone and we don't need any more studies to prove it.

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