Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lexmark MapQuest solution

We received this announcement today and thought it would be of interest to our readers.  Imagine printing out maps for a trip without using a computer, just an A-I-O printer! How cool is that!

Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) today announced three new MapQuest SmartSolutions that make printing directions, traffic information and locating nearby points of interest easy and quick, directly from a Lexmark all-in-one (AIO) touch screen printer.

Benefits of Lexmark’s three new MapQuest SmartSolutions include:
•    MapQuest:  Enables users to find and print a map and directions to most anywhere in the world directly from the Lexmark AIO; no need to turn on your computer.
•    MapQuest Traffic: Allows you to view and print traffic conditions before you head off to that big meeting.
•    MapQuest Concierge: Enables small business owners, like a bed and breakfast, to set up a station where guests can use the “Concierge” to look for restaurants or nearby attractions – without having to pay staff a concierge position. Guests can then quickly print directions to the destination.

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